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Want that glow that simply pops? Cult Aesthetics brings a wide variety of treatments available when it comes to having the perfect glow on your face. From Anti-Ageing treatments including fillers to Medifacials powered by the most advance equipment, we have them all. At Cult Aesthetics, achieve a younger-looking & glowing skin.


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Having a stain smooth skin is no longer something that isn’t achievable. With treatments like Laser Hair Reduction and Skin Brightening becoming more and more popular in India & globally. With the correct technologies in the hands of professionals, results of full body treatments such as Laser Hair Reduction & Skin Brightening have been exceptional.


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Advancements in Skin & Laser have made great strides in recent times. We at Cult Aesthetics make sure that our Laser Treatments are handled by professionals who have had years of experience in this domain. Our Skin & Laser team is lead by Dr. Jaspreet Gulati, Consultant Doctor and Aesthetic Physician with more than 7 years of experience.


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Under Dr. Jaspreet Gulati’s leadership we provide Advanced Hair Fall Treatments. These treatment options make Cult Aesthetics one of the most advanced centres in Gurgaon. Just as the reasons of Hair Fall are not the same for everyone, the treatments for Hair Fall are also not the same for everyone. Hence, every case has it’s own line of treatment at Cult Aesthetics.





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